Penis enlargement bible

A lot of people are usually very curious when they hear about penis exercises being able to enlarge the size of the penis. There is a lot of skepticism mixed in with hope for those who are willing to try out penis exercises. The fact is that these exercises do work for people, but only for those who know what they are doing. That being said, here is a very basic explanation of how penis exercises will enlarge the size of your manhood naturally and safely.

How do exercises work?

To understand how penis enlargement exercises work, one needs to understand a little bit about the anatomy of the penis. One should know what really dictates the growth of the penis. Not many people out there realize that the penis is not a muscle. It is in fact like a balloon with three chambers. These chambers fill up with blood that rushes in every time you get an erection. The more blood these chambers can hold, the larger and firmer are your erections.

The size of these three penis chambers vary for everyone. These chambers are surrounded by cell walls. In most adults, these cell walls are thicker than normal. They become thick due to a lack of exercise. Unless you lead a very active sex life, chances are that you do not use your penis as much as you use other parts of your body. Just like any other part of the body responds to exercises, the penis will also respond to penis exercises when they are done correctly.

The exercises gradually break down the cell walls around these chambers to more normal levels. This process is completely safe that has actually been practiced since the ancient times. It is a natural process which is why it usually takes about 6-8 weeks for it to take effect. The cell walls are broken down and then they repair themselves around the larger chambers thus giving you a bigger penis. One can expect to see an increase in length of at least 1 inch during this 6-8 period although some people can see dramatically better results.

While exercises are safe and effective, it is also imperative that you follow a good schedule and safety instructions. You should not follow a couple of random exercises off the Internet and start pulling away and expect a larger penis tomorrow. You can probably do more harm than good that way. A good penis exercise program will usually charge you a small sum but will provide you with a very organized schedule containing clear videos of various exercises that need to be done over the 6-8 week period. In other words, penis exercises will do the trick for you if you follow a good exercise schedule that lays down the daily exercises to be performed on continual basis.

While a good program lasts 6-8 long weeks, one can be encouraged by the fact that these exercises typically take only about 8 or 9 minutes a day with two days of rest a week. If you look at it that way, it is just about 4 hour of exercising in two whole months that could give you a permanently larger penis for life. There are good number of individuals out there who commit the mistake of exercising their penis for several hours in the false hope that they will achieve rapid results. They do not know that such an approach will not work. It will cause more harm than good. Penis exercises are also very popular with men as they promote the sexual functions of the penis like ejaculation control and stamina in addition to increasing the size of the penis.

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